‘Eyes In Their Shoulders, Mouths In Their Chests,’ Exhibition Catalogue, Strange Neighbour, Fitzroy

“It is not the unconscious I seek in your pictures, but the conscious… your mystery is manifested outright. The picture is but a mechanism to reveal itself” – Sigmund Freud upon meeting Salvador Dalí. In the summer of 1938, Salvador Dalí met with Sigmund Freud in London, while the latter was already terminally ill with cancer. It was an important moment for Dalí, who considered himself a faithful disciple and vanguard practitioner of Freud’s ideas. The influence of Freud’s psychoanalytic theory on the Surrealist movement in the early part of the last century is well known. André Breton’s Manifestoes of […]

‘Bougainville: A True Eco-Revolution?’, Unskool Seminar No. 4, Tilt-BSC, Brunswick.

Bougainville, the northernmost island of the Solomon Island chain and an autonomous province of Papua New Guinea, was the site of one of the most significant Indigenous revolts of the late 20th century, a civil war that has been described as ‘what may be the world’s first true eco-revolution’. For those who take seriously the prospect of building a post-capitalist future, the experiences of the people of Bougainville are instructive. Theirs is a story of not just survival, but remarkable creativity and innovation. Alongside this, however, they have faced significant challenges, both internal and external. This discussion will examine the […]